v Spy v Spy - Craig Bloxom

Craig Bloxom - Bass / Vocals

As talented a bass guitarist as you'll see anywhere in the world,
Craig has a very unique vocal style. Unmistakably Australian Rock, unmistakably Spy V Spy. Craig is not only a songwriter with a certain flair for hard-hitting lyrics on topical issues, he is also a fully qualified chef with a passion for fine cuisine and the arts.
At 6' 2" tall and with a stage presence like no other, Craig Bloxom is a "larger-than-life" showman who is an awesome force in live concerts.

Craig's Comments:
'The band was in particularly good form on our recent tours of Brasil and it was our manager's idea to record one of the tours to see what happened sonically. 
Brasilian crowds seem to bring the best out in the Spy's with their unbridled enthusiasm for our music, and when we got home and listened to the tapes we were really excited with the energy that came out of the speakers. Our live engineer captured some great performances and the sound of the Brasilian audiences sometimes drowns out the band!
Going Off! We mixed the stuff down and released it..... and thanks to Heath for the great title! Meet you Alive everybody'.