v Spy v Spy - Mike Weiley

Mike Weiley: Guitar / Vocals

Mike brings his own special sound to the band. Without Mike's distinctive guitar, no Spy V Spy track would sound even similar.
Mike is one of those rare musical artists who manages such a brilliant consistency in his work that every live gig sounds just the same as anything recorded even years before. In most cases, the live sound is far better.
He is quite a composer and lyricist as well. The often discussed "Honey Island Project" album was entirely Mike's own work.
Many fans have been discussing Honey Island and there have been many myths and rumours about why it doesn't sound like mainstream Spies material. The truth is that it is not a Spy V Spy album, it's Mike's work, outside of Spies. That's why you hear no vocals from Craig on Honey Island, as you normally would on a Spies album.
One of the most often argued questions is about the place. Q: Is there really a place called Honey Island and if so, where exactly is it? A: Honey Island is a real place in Brazilian waters. Mike lived there for a short time and fell in love with the local culture. Much of the inspiration for the album itself came from Honey Island and it's people.
Although Mike wanted very much to record the album on the island, the fact that there is no electricity there made it a bit of a challenge. The album was subsequently recorded in nearby Rio De Janeiro.
Although there was only a very limited run of Honey Island ever released, they are still available on a "one by one" order basis from the Spy V Spy Publicity Office. Click here to order a copy.
As lead guitarist for Spy V Spy, Mike is remembered by many fans for the interesting monologues he reveals in the middle of many of his works. Fans have been arguing for years about the exact wording of these monologues.
Perhaps over the coming months, we can clear some of them up for you once and for all.

Mike's Comments:
"So many people for so long have wondered if they'd understood some of my lyrics. In the song CREDIT CARDS, the monologue has been argued about for years. Here's how it really goes....
"You never really own it, you just borrow it....
You never see the profit - invisible identity"
Thanks for listening. DO IT LOUD, DO IT PROUD!!"