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Here are the main albums that were released by vSpy vSpy throughout the years. (Click on the album images to get more info)

Harry's Reasons
Released: March 1986 (Australia)
Label: Powderworks POW6106
Tracks: 10
Peak chart position: 42 (AUS)

Spy v Spy - Harry's Reasons


A.O. Mod. TV. Vers.
Released: December 1986 (Australia)
Label: WEA 254458-1
Tracks: 10
Peak chart position: 12 (AUS)

Spy v Spy - A.O MOD. TV. Version


Xenophobia (Why?)
Released: March 1988 (Australia)
Label: WEA 255349-1
Tracks: 11
Peak chart position: 15 (AUS)

Spy v Spy - Xenophobia Why


Trash the Planet
Released: November 1989 (Australia)
Label: WEA 256920-1
Tracks: 11
Peak chart position: 22 (AUS)

Spy v Spy - Trash the Planet

Spy File: The Best Of
Released: 1991 (Australia)
Label: East West
Tracks: 17

Spy v Spy - Best of

Released: May 1993 (Australia)
Label: Sony
Tracks: 11
Peak chart position: 42 (AUS)

Spy v Spy - Fossil

REVIEW - MEET US ALIVE by Danny Williams
I, like so many other Spy fans, have seen the great Spy gigs in Melbourne in the mid to late 80’s, especially the Central Club regulars and even the Old Greek Theatre...
The reasons for my email, however, are to comment on the here & now and in particular the new Live Album.
Firstly, “Meet Us Alive”. I was shaking with anticipation when I placed the CD in my player for the first time last week. Shaking? Maybe to strong a word. More like nervous. Why? Well, the causes are attributed on many levels. Firstly, I hadn’t heard the Spy’s ‘Live’ since 1993, (this last gig being at the Bridge Hotel in Mordialloc, during the ‘Fossil’ tour).
Secondly, I have been praying for a live album for years, as the Spy’s strength & appeal comes from there Live shows.
Well, my nerves departed and excitement swept my body as I heard the opening riff to ‘All Over the World’. ‘Trash the Planet’ followed with an almighty thump, and ‘Hard Times’ shuddered through me like a freight train.
The highlight though, the ‘Golden Mile’, Mike’s guitar playing sounding better than ever.
‘Don’t Tear it Down’ hit me right between the eyes and took me back to my heydays as a young 22 year old mingle & mixing with the throng, sweating each beer out of me as quickly as I could put it in…
‘Waiting’ gave me a chance to catch my breath & reflect on the albums achievements so far.
“Working Week” raised the heart beat again, while ‘White Room’ (although somewhat unfamiliar to me), closed the album off beautifully…
Paul’s drumming was fantastic, his style fitting in beautifully with the raw power sound that is the Spy’s, while Craig’s singing prowess has lost none of its spark or enthusiasm over the years.
My appetite for the Spy’s Live had been quenched, even though it had only lasted for 34 minutes & 55 seconds….
The down side to this album? Well, to be honest, it’s to damn short!
Danny Williams

LIVE ALBUM: Currently, live tracks recorded during recent tours of Brazil have been released as the album "Meet Us Alive" early in 2003. This long awaited album is the first "album" release of live performed material for the band.
The release includes one new track, previously unreleased. The 1968 Cream cover "White Room", which the band has been playing in their live sets for many years as one of their favorites. 
This track is likely to appeal to various generations of rock-lovers as it contains echoes of the era in which it was written, yet exudes the energy of a welcome and familiar sound that is, unmistakably Spy V Spy.